VEM TOOLS works closely with distributors by developing and producing tailor-made cutting tools or ranges of standard tools which are sold under their label.


Since 1970, our high quality cutting tools have been used in a wide variety of fields. With the latest generation of production and control means as well as a reactive and available team, VEM TOOLS is the best partner for tools on demand with a guarantee of performance, precision and consistency on all productions.


We offer a complete package by providing various services such as functional coating , laser marking of your references and logos, specific packaging or even personalized labeling.


Our team supports and advises you to optimize your tooling solutions according to target markets.


more details on tools on request


Géométrie développée avec vous 

Revêtement fonctionnel 

marquage laser de votre logo ou référence

métal dur adapté à l'utilisation de l'outil


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